Top 5 Killer Diseases and Remote Patient Monitoring

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The concept of remote patient monitoring makes it applicable to any disease entity, even the top five killer diseases.
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This article tackles the top 5 health-related causes of death in the world. People may be able to live a long and healthy life if they are informed about the primary causes of death. With the advancement of connected health technology, remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help detect and prevent these top 5 killer diseases.

Heart disease

Heart disease, which encompasses numerous disorders that affect the heart and blood arteries, was the leading cause of mortality. Many diseases are linked to atherosclerosis, which is caused by plaque formation in the arterial walls. Blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks are all possible outcomes. Angina, cardiac arrhythmias, and heart failure are all possible side effects.

Aside from regular exercise, a good diet, and maintaining a healthy weight, which are all part of the prevention process of heart disease, RPM plays a vital role in this field. Real-time monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, and even heart rhythms is a game-changer for patients and practitioners alike in the preventing heart disease.


Cancer is a disease that develops when abnormal or old cells in the body do not die and continue to produce new cells. This causes an overproduction of cells, which can disturb the body’s normal functioning. Cancer can start anywhere in the body and spread to various parts of the body, including lymph nodes and organs.

Cancer patients can use RPM to track their symptoms, keep track of their vitals, and communicate with their doctors in real-time. Patients, providers, and society as a whole will benefit from a more proactive, data-linked cancer care as the quality of patient experience improves and the cost of care decreases. RPM also will protect these immunocompromised patients from exposure to other diseases contracted through face-to-face consults.


COVID-19Β is a contagious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which can affect the lungs, respiratory system, and other parts of the body. COVID-19 can cause symptoms ranging from mild to severe, or no symptoms at all. The disease is more likely to cause serious illness in older adults and people with specific underlying medical disorders.

The pandemic hastened the transition to patient-centered monitoring and treatment. This shift was aided by a mix of medical urgency, technological advancements, and a shortage of medical practitioners. Most of these COVID-19 patients can now be monitored remotely thanks to technological advancements provided by RPM. Health systems can now utilize at-home continuous pulse oximetry to monitor patients and assist in reducing hospitalizations thanks to wireless monitors, cloud-based platforms, and telemedicine.

Accidents or unintentional injuries

Accidents or unintentional injuries are the fourth leading cause of mortality, which includes inadvertent falls, fatalities caused by motor vehicles and deaths from inadvertent poisoning. Communities can establish and improve methods and programs related to walkable communities, safe routes to school, and transportation safety to avoid fatalities from accidents and unintentional injuries.

In addition to these measures, remote patient monitoring can also play a role in vulnerable populations like the elderly. Many tech developers are working on RPM systems that can find and stop older people from falling or getting lost. This effort will keep them safer and less likely to get hurt.


Stroke is a type of cerebrovascular disease in which the arteries supplying blood to the brain burst, rupture, or become blocked as a result of a clot. This stops the brain from receiving enough blood and oxygen, resulting in brain cell death.

The smartphone-based RPM system provides increased awareness of stroke and fluctuations in blood pressure. Because of their widespread availability, near-real-time responsiveness, and cheaper cost, emerging remote patient monitoring techniques have the potential to become new nonpharmacological secondary preventive measures in stroke patients.

Takeaway on Top Five Killer Diseases and How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Help

The new figures on the causes of mortality worldwide serve as yet another reminder that disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment must be accelerated. It emphasizes the importance of significantly enhancing primary health care in an equitable and holistic manner, which can be accomplished with the incorporation of RPM into patient care.

Save more lives with remote patient monitoring. Contact DrKumo for more information on how to incorporate the RPM program into your medical practice.


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