Secure and Comprehensive Medical Care through RPM

U.S. Military Veterans have served their country proudly, so they deserve the best medical care while also affording them more security and freedom to live productive lives after their years of Military service.

Our Veterans Managing their Chronic Diseases

DrKumo helps the Veterans improve their quality of life by providing Remote Patient Monitoring technology solutions. Our state-of-the-art RPM gives Veterans’ providers the ability to manage chronic diseases, provide acute care, and supervise post-operation and hospital care from the comfort of their homes, where they can be surrounded by family and friends and be better able to live a regular life by not having to be physically tied to a medical facility.

How DrKumo RPM Benefits Veterans


Secure Connection With Your Provider Wherever You Are

Many Veterans trouble traveling to see a doctor due to distance, lack of a vehicle, transportation costs, and inadequate infrastructure. DrKumo provides secure cloud-based real-time remote monitoring, connecting Veterans and their care providers wherever they are.


Play an Active Role in Managing Your Own Health

With DrKumo RPM, Veterans can take health measurements at home with easy-to-use medical devices and automatically send these data to their healthcare providers. Their immediate health situation and needs are addressed timely, allowing them to take medications, eat healthier and do proper exercise.


Improve Your Quality of Life

Early detection of diseases is critical for disease prevention and health promotion. DrKumo RPM helps improves Veterans’ quality of life by identifying health issues at the earliest possible stage when treatment is most effective and yields the best results.


Play Video about Ivania Munguia Testimonial

US Marine Corps Veteran Ivania Munguia

US Marine Corps Disabled Veteran Ivania Munguia, diagnosed with Lupus and is vision-impaired, shares how Remote Patient Monitoring through DrKumo’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform helped keep track and take accurate readings of her blood pressure.

US Army, Navy, and Airforce Reserve Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Jackson-Kelley

US Army, Navy, and Airforce Reserve Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Jackson-Kelley shares how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables her to regularly monitor her health and allows her to discuss any discrepancies with her doctors. With the DrKumo RPM early detection of health problems feature, Patricia’s doctor can timely intervene before her health condition escalates.
Patricia Jackson Kelley Testimonial
Play Video about Patricia Jackson Kelley Testimonial
Ted Tenorio - Army Veteran
Play Video about Ted Tenorio - Army Veteran
“We found that this was a wonderful shoe-in to help our community which suffers greatly with health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart, disease, lungs… you name it.”
Play Video about Brittanie Moore - Marine Corps Veteran
“Something so simple that they can use themselves and monitor themselves is awesome!”
Mickiela Montoya - Army Combat Veteran
Play Video about Mickiela Montoya - Army Combat Veteran
“I think that DrKumo is going to be a vital role in healthcare services to Veterans.”
Maricela Guzman - Navy Veteran
Play Video about Maricela Guzman - Navy Veteran
“I think DrKumo is allowing us, Veterans, to make decisions for our health and allowing us to have better understanding of what we need for our health.”
Play Video about Rodnisha Boyd - NAVA
“The technology will really help a lot of different Veterans who are not able to get to their appointments.”
Robert Jamison - Alternative Healthcare
Play Video about Robert Jamison - Alternative Healthcare
“We want all Veterans to know that they are not left alone. We are with them, not part of the way, but all the way.”

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USS IOWA Veterans Day 2022

independence day 2023
happy flag day 2023
On this Flag Day, we salute the spirit of our great nation! 🎉 As we embrace unity and freedom, let us honor the symbol that represents our shared values. Happy Flag Day! 🎆✨ #FlagDay #ProudAmerican #DrKumo #RemotePatientMonitoring
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memorial day 2023

Memorial Day: A Day of Gratitude and Honor
Today, we pause to remember and express our heartfelt gratitude to our Veterans. Their service to our nation is beyond compare, and their loved ones’ sacrifices are immeasurable. We recall the words of Ronald Reagan, “Their lives remind us that freedom is not bought cheaply. It has a cost; it imposes a burden.” We take immense pride in having the privilege of serving you, and on this day, we salute you. Thank you, Veterans, and their families for your service and sacrifices.

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