How Remote Patient Monitor
can work for you and your patients

Our solution integrates remote patient monitoring devices, real time physiologic data, visual trend and comprehensive data through a secure and remote access. Our intelligent cloud based portal helps provide critical relevant anomaly alerts to healthcare professionals and caregivers. We can also facilitate your interventions and communications to the patients as well as streamline billing to CMS and insurance providers for these services.

Sensor Fusion Remote Patient Monitoring 

Patients wear wireless medical devices connected to IDLogiq DrKumo mobile app which uploads collected physiological data (vital signs, SPO2, temperatures, blood glucose, weight, etc.)

IDLogiq Intelligent Cloud Service (ICS):

Healthcare providers and patients can access IDLogiq ICS from anywhere, anytime, on any device to access patients’ current health status in real time, trending data, and historical information


Intelligent Medication Management (IMM) & Patient Engagement

An easy-to-use DrKumo mobile app helps patients authenticate medication, look up potential side effects, and set dosing & refill reminders. The app encourages patients to actively engage in medication adherence and/ or allows caregivers to assist in tracking med compliance

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) technology: Assists healthcare providers with anomaly detection and sends out warnings/alerts about patients’ conditions to authorized people (HCP, patient and patient’s family/caregiver, etc.) in case immediate attention is required