DrKumo Best RPM
Connected Health Technology
DrKumo Best RPM
Connected Health Technology


DrKumo has been actively supporting the society by addressing challenges in healthcare especially among the underserved populations, Indigenous people, disabled Native American veterans, servicemembers and veterans, women in need and their families.

RPM Pilot Program for Tribal and Non-Tribal Veterans in Partnership with Native American Veterans Association (NAVA)

DrKumo partners with NAVA to provide free RPM program for its members with chronic diseases to enable sending of health vitals from home to care providers.

Next-Gen RPM for NAVA

RPM for Chronic Diseases, Mental and Behavioral Health in Partnership with Alternative Healthcare LA

DrKumo provides Holistic Integrative Evidence-Based Connected Health Technology of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) combined with the critical elements of assessment and management of mental and behavioral health to provide the most urgent needs for those living with chronic illnesses.

Asian Business Association 24th Annual C.K. Tseng Golf Tournament Sponsorship

Proceeds from the Golf Tournament supported the Asian Business Center’s ongoing education program and helped communicate public and private resources and solutions for small businesses.

golf tournament
business women symposium

9th Annual Women Business Pioneers Symposium Sponsorship

High-profile event that provides a strong platform for hundreds of like-minded women who empower each other.

LA County Regional American Legion Post 18

DrKumo provided health and wellness monitoring assistance at the event and introduced RPM to support the well-being of America’s veterans, their families, our military and our communities.

DrKumo Medical Team assists a Military Veteran in taking blood pressure measurement using DrKumo BP monitor for RPM at the Veterans Day Event, November 11, 2021.

Veteran & Military Families Wellness Day 2021

Dedicated to the well-being of our veterans and their families, DrKumo participated in Veteran & Military Families Wellness Day on December 19 at Lennox Library Parking Lot in California to provide health and wellness monitoring assistance using DrKumo RPM devices and mobile app.

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