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Continuous, Real-Time Connected Health

State of the Art
Remote Patient Monitoring

DrKumo is a Service-Disabled Veteran (SDV) Friendly Corporation

Continuous, Real-Time RPM for Chronic, Acute, and Post-Op Care

Award-Winning Solution

  • Sensor Fusion Technology

  • Multi-Cast Data Live-Streaming

  • Intelligent Cloud Service

  • Secure Communication & Engagement

Join the Telehealth Revolution with DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring NOW!​

COVID-19 is changing everything. Our healthcare system is overloaded. Patients with chronic diseases can be subjected to high risk of cross-infection. Care delivery models are abruptly changed to remote care services.

DrKumo technology and services are created by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and technologists with proven track records. Our state-of-the-art technology is focused on ease-of-use and yet is powered by the most advanced, healthcare-focused artificial intelligence and machine learning to pave the way for Remote Patient Monitoring.

DrKumo Value Proposition

DrKumo brings a lot of value to your practice. Here are some of our key values.


With new Medicare reimbursement codes, there are significant additional revenue opportunities for providers and practices.


By enabling your team to intervene early in high-risk patients, your readmission rate and ER visits can be significantly reduced. This reduces your risk and cost.


Continuous connection to the care team makes patients feel safer and more secure at home. We can improve your patients’ overall healthcare experience.

No Cost, Turnkey Deployment

Don’t have the time and resources? Don’t worry. We take care of all the work so that you don’t have to. Our clinical operations team and partners can handle the entire implementation for you. Best of all, there is no cost to you.

Best RPM DrKumo

The Best, Full-Featured Platform

We go beyond the required standard to provide the best of care to patients. Our focus is to serve patients, our mission is their health. We have the best People, Process, and Technology to serve your patients.

Measurable Return on Investment

Return on Investment can be clearly defined upfront and tracked to ensure our desired goals are achieved.

DrKumo Best RPM

Take care of your patients beyond the walls of hospital and clinics: Connected Health

How It Works

Sensor Fusion

Wireless medical sensors provide continuous remote patient monitoring.

Mobile Data Acquisition

DrKumo mobile app acquires data from all available physiological sensors and transfer data to the Intelligent Cloud Service.

Intelligent Cloud Service

Easy to use software & advance patient engagement tools help with early detection and critical alerts

Optimize Care Delivery

Optimize telehealth interventions between health care providers and patients

Built for Military Veterans, by Military Veterans

What are people saying...

This product is like a godsend.
Ted Tenorio
President, Native American Veterans Association
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“We found that this was a wonderful shoe-in to help our community which suffers greatly with health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart, disease, lungs… you name it.”
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“Something so simple that they can use themselves and monitor themselves is awesome!”
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“I think that DrKumo is going to be a vital role in healthcare services to Veterans.”
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“I think DrKumo is allowing us, Veterans, to make decisions for our health and allowing us to have better understanding of what we need for our health.”
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“The technology will really help a lot of different Veterans who are not able to get to their appointments.”
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“We want all Veterans to know that they are not left alone. We are with them, not part of the way, but all the way.”

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