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How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Boost Your Home Health?

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Patients are increasingly placing value on convenience while boosting their health at home, on the go, or even on vacation.
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Remote patient management (RPM) allows the levels of acute care and chronic care to be adjusted by monitoring changes in the patient’s physiologic data. This keeps patients safe and comfortable at home while reducing inpatient costs. Some observers inside and outside of the healthcare industry are taking a closer look at the advantages of both remote patient management and home health care. It removes the burden of a hospital visit or stay, allowing patients to receive efficient and safe care from the comfort of their own homes. Here are the ways RPM can boost your home health.

Accountability and management of patient’s own health

Convenient access to health education materials in their home on their own further improves their engagement by accessing the patients’ own data on vital signs and their progression, thus boosting home health. RPM will allow patients or clients to be more involved in their health care and more aware of their own conditions, which increases the tendency of patients to take control of their health and be more involved in their own treatment. Accountability and education will become a focal point for the patient, promoting a healthier future. To achieve and maintain better health, patients must manage and comprehend their illness, individual treatment plan, and role in that improvement. Embracing remote patient monitoring services helps patients keep a check on their own health in partnership with their doctor.

Daily health status checking and early detection of health problems

RPM allows clinicians to monitor patients’ physiologic data 24/7, anytime, anywhere or even in the comfort of their homes. They have real-time insight into the health status of patients and can directly detect when something needs attention. Healthcare providers will be alerted right away and provide instructions on the best next steps if they notice alarming changes, thus preventing the condition from getting worse. With RPM, clinicians see how a patient’s symptoms change over time, allowing them to identify trends or change the patient’s care plan accordingly. RPM, sometimes also known as remote physiological monitoring, gives the ability to see the changes that are happening at the moment the patient takes their measurements and gives the ability to intervene in health problems as early as possible. It provides the caregiver or healthcare provider with extra support if questions arise or if an emergency occurs.

Prevent the spread of viruses and infections

RPM boosts home health, cuts down and avoids the spread of viruses and hospital-acquired infections, keeping patients safe from infectious diseases and germs. Home health helps in reducing the spread of COVID-19 as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provides home-based care to patients who need continuous health monitoring due to their critical health condition. RPM has proved to be a better option in the difficult times of the global pandemic. RPM is an effective intervention for those in isolation caused by lockdowns related to COVID.

Many patients or clients were reluctant to leave their homes to visit practitioners for fear of catching the COVID-19 virus. The patient is able to avoid the associated costs of an in-person visit when they receive care via RPM. With RPM, there is no need to visit the hospital or clinic where they are vulnerable to contracting an infection. Avoiding an in-person visit eliminates the risk of unnecessary exposure—particularly for the elderly and those who are chronically ill, pregnant, or otherwise immunocompromised.

How DrKumo Helps

Remote patient monitoring solutions leverage digital technology to build communication between the patients and the healthcare providers. DrKumo monitors patients’ health data then electronically transmit it to their clinicians or caregivers. Looking at this data, they assess the patient’s health and provide recommendations. By continuously monitoring the health and treatment if prescribed, they can provide assurance on better health outcomes.

DrKumo RPM solutions provide clinicians a way to monitor the weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen, heart rate, and electrocardiograms from any place. Thus, they can collect data more consistently than ever. It allows the collection of data from smart sensors to transmit it to healthcare providers. The app provides information on submitted data, access to informative content, questionnaires, reminders, and doctor-patient interaction tools.


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) plays an important role in in-home health and provides convenient solutions for providers, patients, and their families. It offers benefits that include boosting home health, more accurate and real-time assessment, and outcome measurement. RPM provides a means for early detection and encourages accountability and self-management from home. Basically, the remote patient monitoring software is a way for specialists to intently screen a patient’s ongoing health conditions without requiring the patient to make a visit to the clinic or hospital. The increase in accountability and management of a patient regarding their own health, plus frequently updated health status and early detection of health problems, as well as preventing the spread of viruses and infection are just a few ways that RPM can boost your home health.

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