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Deaths and Diseases led by Wildfires Stopped by DrKumo

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Discover how DrKumo is helping to stop deaths and diseases caused by wildfires. Find out about the innovative solutions and technologies that DrKumo is using to protect communities and support public health.
wildfire death and disease
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Saving millions of lives is possible with DrKumo Technology. Wildfires—a natural disaster burning everything in their path—not only destroys trees, homes, and animals, but also claims the lives of countless people across the globe. This malignant phenomenon is inevitable, causing illnesses and deaths to many. But, with DrKumo technology, the inevitable becomes controllable. With DrKumo Technology, the human race can better protect their health from the undiscriminating health and demise that wildfires bring upon in this ever-changing world.

Although wildfires are not a new issue, they are certainly becoming more prevalent and dangerous, “burning faster and hotter.” In general, inhaling smoke from wildfires can result in issues such as: sneezing, runny nose, burning eyes, coughing, and shortness of breath to more serious and permanent health complications, such as chronic heart and lung diseases. Some studies have shown that a certain amount of exposure to the particles found in wildfire smoke could even lead to premature death. However, those with pre-existing chronic illnesses pertaining to the heart and lungs, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and bronchitis, are much more at risk. They experience much more extreme symptoms and are often at much higher risks for death from inhaling wildfire smoke.

As wildfires continue to rage on across the world, those with chronic heart and lung diseases are suffering immeasurably—many are either unaware of how their health is affected and how they can improve it or are unable to.

With DrKumo technology, this can be something of the past.

DrKumo, a remote patient monitoring (RPM)-based branch of award-winning tech startup Idlogiq based in Buena Park, California, has, for the past several years, strived to create a system in which chronically ill patients, as well as their doctors and clinicians, can monitor their health remotely. The technology works as such (excerpt taken from “What Makes DrKumo Unique?”): “DrKumo uses wireless medical sensors in the RPM technology with its mobile app that obtains all necessary data from the sensors and transfers it to an Intelligent Cloud Service in real-time, which makes it easy for doctors to access patients’ information and monitor them 24/7.” DrKumo’s technology encompasses several different devices designed specifically for the patient’s chronic illness.

The usage of the DrKumo technology delivers new world health benefits. Patients affected by wildfire smoke will be able to monitor their vital signs and health statistics, particularly their oxygen consumption. For instance, DrKumo develops its own next generation oximeter. It ensures that chronically ill patients are consuming enough oxygen at any point in time. Inhaling carbon monoxide in wildfire smoke can cause the level of oxygen consumption to fall to alarmingly low rates, which can cause various symptoms, long-lasting health conditions, and possibly even premature death. The technology comes with a mobile app that displays the person’s oxygen level, which data can be seen by any clinician, doctor, or family member connected to the person’s account.

Patients can use the DrKumo oximeter to determine whether their oxygen levels are adequate and can also share this information remotely with their doctors and clinicians, who, with access to real-time data through DrKumo technology, can give meaningful and realistic advice to patients. DrKumo technology essentially gives chronically ill patients affected by wildfire smoke an effective means of monitoring important aspects of their health, such as oxygen levels, which they will be able to share with doctors and clinicians for immediate feedback on how to proceed.

As wildfires continue to rage on in multiple parts of the world, affecting various regions and countless people, chronically ill patients are suffering, with many of them often unsure of how to monitor their health in the most effective way possible. DrKumo technology gives patients an effective means of monitoring important aspects of their health remotely, which can potentially save thousands of precious lives affected by wildfires.

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