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Four Components of A Fitness Routine for Over 50’s and the Role of Health Wearable Technology

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Smartwatches are one of the most basic, accessible, and efficient technologies available, providing useful insights into our bodies' activities throughout the day, even in our 50’s and beyond.
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Health wearable technology, such as smart watches, now play an important role in providing care remotely.

For the elderly, there are some fitness programs that will keep you feeling young and healthy. With the help of health wearable technology, especially if it is connected with remote patient monitoring, you will be able to keep your golden years looking great.

Here are some of the most important components of fitness for those over 50 (or even at any age) and how health wearable technology can help you keep track of your health condition.

1. Balance

As we get older, having balance becomes more important since it can help us avoid falling. Improving your balance today can help you avoid a broken hip later. Hip fractures are a common injury among the elderly, and they can have catastrophic consequences. Improve your balance by shifting your weight from one foot to the other while standing. If necessary, use a chair for support. Practice standing on one foot or rising from a chair without using your hands for an intermediate level. Choose sports like tai chi, biking, walking lunges, or yoga for more advanced balance training.
A drop sensor is now available on remote patient monitoring smartwatches that can detect falls. When the drop sensor senses a fall, the user is immediately alerted. If the user does not respond to the alarm within a short period of time, the smartwatch will immediately dial 911 for assistance. This function is especially beneficial for older people who are more prone to falling.

2. Range of motion

The range of motion of your joints refers to how far they can flex and extend. As we age, our joint flexibility decreases, increasing our risk of injury and making us feel old and creaky. Gentle stretching of the upper and lower body, as well as the spine, on a daily basis can help to maintain or even improve range of motion. When stretching, be cautious; poor technique might cause more harm than help. Always stretch a warm muscle before stretching a cold one. Also, make sure the stretch is not painful. Only light tension should be used. Do not bounce or force the movement. Tai chi, yoga, and stretching sessions are excellent for increasing the range of motion.
When you work out, a smartwatch can record the data and allow you to keep track of how far you have progressed over time. Consistent usage will help keep track of your progress so you can review it whenever you want. When you examine the statistics, you may determine whether you need to increase or decrease your workout duration and effort in order to increase your flexibility.

3. Cardiovascular endurance

Engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of strenuous aerobic activity every week, or a combination of both. Increased activity will result in even greater health benefits. However, even minor quantities of physical activity are beneficial. For example, even short bursts of activity throughout the day can build up significant health advantages.

Your resting heart rate can be monitored with a smartwatch. The watch includes a built-in heart rate monitor. Wearing a smartwatch while exercising can help you keep track of your heart rate. You can use this device to obtain a notification if you need to exercise more or a warning if you’ve gone too far and are exerting too much strain. Wearing a smartwatch while exercising can help you avoid harming yourself. It is crucial to remember that when doing cardio exercises, you should gradually raise the intensity level; otherwise you may injure yourself.

4. Muscle strength

Strength training, or muscle strengthening exercises, can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which develops as a result of a loss of bone mass. Weight-bearing exercise is beneficial in this regard. Lifting weights or doing strength training with one’s own body weight as resistance such as squats can help avoid muscle loss and some of the frailty that comes with age. Strength training with free weights with the use of barbells and dumbbells, weight machines, and movements like planks and push-ups that use your own body weight as resistance should be included in your regimen two to three times per week.

Your smartwatch’s pedometer or step tracker is the most convenient way to stay active and improve your health. Users can examine the number of steps they’ve taken in a day and even manage their steps across days or weeks with this function. Some watches even allow users to establish milestones or goals that will motivate them to stay active and improve their muscle strength.


Many smartwatches include activity trackers that keep track of your movements. Smartwatches can track everything from daily steps to heart rate, among other things, which can help with your daily routine exercise in your 50’s and beyond.

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