Working from Home 2021: Tips to Stay Productive after COVID-19

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More than a year after the pandemic, working from home has retained its status quo despite the fact that the US vaccine campaign is in full swing already. This new workstyle has numerous benefits. That is— if people appropriately apply the best methods. Here are some new tips for working from home in 2021.
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More than a year after the pandemic, working from home has retained its status quo despite the fact that the US vaccine campaign is in full swing already. This new workstyle has numerous benefits. That is— if people appropriately apply the best methods. Here are some new tips for working from home in 2021.

Virtual Commute

You might not miss your commute, but now you can benefit by adding them back to your daily life. A virtual trip to work, also known as “fake commute,” is a great way to start a new day, because it allows you to develop good daily habits. Before starting your work day, think about how long it usually takes you to go to work— whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour. Use this time to exercise, go for a walk, bike ride or run. Doing so will increase your endorphins, and the rich blood supply of your brain will make you energetic and make you feel naturally rejuvenated. Because your brain has been improved, your productivity will increase, and your work efficiency will be higher. Virtual commute enables you to have a healthy work and rest schedule, while also ensuring that you rise and shine early in the morning as you go “on the way” to work.

Consistent schedule during the week and on weekends

Having a consistent schedule allows you to better control where you spend your time and energy. This is extremely important in the age of WFH. Having no walls between an office environment and home could lead to a major burnout. You can achieve a healthy balance between working time, family and personal care accordingly with a steady timetable. Having a predictable routine, particularly during times of stress, can help alleviate tension and anxiety, and make you feel more productive. Moreover, your hours are no longer limited to 9 to 5. Make a schedule that suits your lifestyle and work.

Rest intervals with a “Task Timer”

Setting up time constraints can be one of the most helpful things in terms of staying accountable and meeting deadlines. The goal is to set aside a decent amount of time to concentrate on a single task, and then take a brief break to recharge your spirit and prepare for the next task. For all kinds of workers, from procrastinators to perfectionists, this habit can produce a variety of positive benefits and increase overall productivity. For procrastinators, blocking time can help increase motivation and establish a reward system. If you work on a project for an hour, you can reward yourself by walking outdoors or watching videos online. If you are a perfectionist and tend to separate things clearly, this habit can help you realize how much time you spend on a task and set limits so that you can prevent this behavior from becoming harmful.

Quiet time to let you ignore chats and emails

We all have days where we jump from one meeting to another, and never seem to have time to concentrate on our individual tasks. Coupled with the constant onslaught of chats and emails, it’s hard to give yourself a little time. Establish a “quiet time,” where you can turn off these notifications and focus on a task, which is very important to save your schedule and increase your autonomy.

Be with nature

Working with plants around you can treat and even improve your overview of work. Placing indoor plants in your work environment or even relocate your desk to an outdoor space can improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and stabilizing humidity levels. It is also widely believed that plants and open space can help reduce stress and stimulate creativity. The lower the pressure, the more efficient your work will be, especially when working from home.

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