Top 3 Reasons Remote Patient Monitoring is the Best Gift for your Loved Ones Today

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Giving someone a gift that will assist them in prioritizing their health shows that you care, and one of them is Remote Patient Monitoring. Here are the reasons why RPM could be the best gift for your loved ones.
remote patient monitoring gift for loved ones
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Everyone deserves some great wellness gifts this holiday season, especially after the two years of pandemic. Perhaps your list includes people who are knowledgeable about meditation, aromatherapy, and fitness, or perhaps you’re genuinely trying to persuade your friend to start journaling. Wellness practices are more accessible than you might think, and they can also help you cope with anxiety or other mental illnesses. And, because wellness can take many forms, there are plenty of gifts for the person who loves (or needs) to prioritize self-care this year. Giving someone a gift that will assist them in prioritizing their health shows that you care, and one of them is Remote Patient Monitoring. Here are the reasons why RPM could be the best gift for your loved ones:

1. RPM empowers your loved ones to manage their own health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, RPM allows patients to still get the care they need while keeping them out of healthcare settings like hospitals to limit potential exposure to the virus. Monitoring patients with chronic conditions like hypertension, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and obesity are common use-cases for RPM. Remote Patient Monitoring allows patients to complete basic health testing on their own, while healthcare professionals are enabled to see their measurements remotely.

RPM refers to the use of connected medical devices like glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, and scales to monitor how patients are doing. For example, the wearable can track heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, weight gain, and loss, and even stress to help healthcare providers deliver customized, data-driven care to patients even at the comfort of their homes.

If you have parents, grandparents or any family members who suffer from chronic diseases, it is recommendable to ask their providers about the possible use of RPM as a way of care delivery. This will empower your loved ones to play an active role in taking care of themselves as they utilize easy-to-use medical devices connected to fully-integrated mobile-enabled application. It will be much more comfortable for them to adhere in treatment plan provided by the clinician as they can see their own measurements firsthand and in real-time.

2. RPM gives your loved ones direct access to their doctors anytime anywhere

Using Connected Health Technology like Remote Patient Monitoring to bridge the gap between the traditional physical setting of healthcare like clinics and hospitals to the people where they live. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, RPM has become more important than ever, because it will allow clinicians to monitor patients without having to come into contact with them, thus preventing the spread of diseases and viruses. They also keep patients with less severe cases out of hospitals. This saves patients’ hospitalization and travel costs.

One of the best gifts you can give your loved ones is enough rest and free time with their family. One of the benefits of RPM is its capacity to monitor patients continuously and in real time to detect any significant changes in vital signs as early as possible without having them visit the clinics for non-urgent matters. Provider dashboard features alert system that allows them to prioritize patients who are at a high-risk condition.

3. RPM gives you and your loved ones a peace of mind

Imagine being monitored by a doctor anytime and anywhere. Remote Patient Monitoring is frequently used to help patients that require chronic, post-discharge, or senior care. With the use of AI-powered medical devices and application, you don’t need to worry too much about being hospitalized or readmitted due to sudden health deterioration or delayed diagnosis. RPM allows healthcare providers to track their patients’ health condition wherever they are in the world.

For instance, if you and your family need to travel somewhere in Hawaii for holiday celebrations, your doctor can still see your heart rate, respiratory rate, or oxygen level through your RPM-enabled smartwatch; or you can bring portable blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter to take measurements at the hotel. The vital signs are transmitted via cloud technology, allowing your doctors to see if you are doing well or not during your holidays, thus giving you and your loved ones a peace of mind knowing that someone is watching over you from a distance.

About DrKumo

DrKumo provides an AI-driven RPM solution that collects, analyzes, and records physiologic data and other patient-generated health data using state-of-the-art cloud-based applications and easy-to-use medical devices. Early detection of patterns that could help lead to unfavorable health occurrences is possible with the use of this technology, as well as the capacity to deliver tailored feedback to patients and healthcare teams.


Remote Patient Monitoring is the best gift for your loved ones today. Our loved ones could be old, young, or in middle age but all empowered by connected health technology. Strongly resembling the smartphones and tablets so widely used by people around the world today across all age’s groups, seniors included patients use this technology to feel comfortable with helping manage their own health. Such a vision of health is the best gift you can give to your family and loved ones.

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