Keep Track of Your Patients’ Weight and BMI with This Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale

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Empower your practice with remote patient monitoring. This weight scale makes it easy to track your patients' weight and BMI from anywhere.
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Healthcare providers now have the ability to keep track of their patient’s weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) with the use of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) weight scale. Weight and BMI are two key indicators of long-term health, as there are potentially serious health consequences associated with being significantly overweight or obese. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) weight scales can provide a reliable and efficient means of tracking relevant vital signs.

This article will discuss the overview and explore the applications of remote patient monitoring with regards to tracking patients’ weight and BMI using digital weight scales.

How Does a Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale Work?

A remote patient monitoring weight scale is a special type of scale that allows healthcare professionals to monitor the weight, BMI, and other body parameters of their patients remotely.

An RPM weight scale is like a standard weight scale, but it has the added functionality of transmitting data wirelessly to a computer or mobile device. This data transmission functionality allows healthcare professionals to track the progress of their patients over time and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.

  1. A patient with one or more chronic diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or obesity receives a digital weight scale for home use that is connected to an RPM application.
  2. The RPM application uses digital weight scales to collect patient data remotely.
  3. The data from the weight scale is then sent to a secure server for storage and analysis.
  4. The collected data is then used to monitor the patient’s health over time.

Healthcare providers can access the patient data from any location and use it to make decisions regarding the patient’s care. The weight monitoring program can also be used to alert healthcare providers if any changes occur in the patient’s condition.

What are the Applications of Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale?

Remote Patient Monitoring weight scales have a variety of applications, which include:

  1. Track patient weight over time
  2. Monitor changes in a patient’s weight
  3. Alert physicians and care providers of sudden weight loss or gain
  4. Allow for more accurate prescription of medication dosing
  5. Monitor warning signs of potential health issues related to weight gain or loss
  6. Monitor nutrition intake and hydration levels
  7. Identify nutritional deficiencies

RPM weight scales are a valuable tool that can be used in many contexts. From hospitals, to nursing homes, to individual homes, these devices offer efficient and accurate methods for tracking the progress of patient health.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients with Diabetes

A 2015 study has found that intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) can reduce the incidence of diabetes by 58% when accompanied by effective weight management measures. These findings underscore the importance of monitoring weight in effective diabetes management.

The use of RPM weight scales is essential for patients with diabetes, allowing them to monitor their health in real-time, and allowing for proper medication and lifestyle changes to be made based on their most current health status. Additionally, it can provide an early warning system for any potential issues that may arise.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients with Obesity

The US obesity prevalence averaged 41.9% from 2017 to March 2020. Obesity is linked to an array of serious health conditions, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various forms of cancer. Timely monitoring of a patient’s weight, BMI and other vital signs is critical for those with obesity, as it helps to ensure that their weight loss plans and other treatments are effective and that their health is not deteriorating.

RPM weight scales provide an easy and efficient means for healthcare providers to track progress and detect fluctuations in patient data over time. This allows them to adjust medications and treatments as needed, potentially helping to prevent further health complications.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

For patients who have congestive heart failure (CHF), tracking weight closely is essential for monitoring their health. Weight gain can indicate that extra fluid is building up in the body due to heart failure. To help your patients with this process, RPM weight scales can give timely and accurate readings of an individual’s weight.

Patients with remote weight monitoring devices can stay on top of managing congestive heart failure and reduce the need for treatment through preventative care. An alert will be sent to clinicians in real-time if a patient’s weight fluctuates by more than three pounds in a single day.

The DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale Solution

DrKumo, the multi-awarded leader of Connected Health Technology, offers Continuous Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Disease Management Programs for patients with acute and chronic diseases, hospital at home programs and clinical trials.

DrKumo’s smart weight scale is more than just a simple RPM monitoring device, and it does far more than track a patient’s weight. It can track 12 body parameters in real-time including the following:

  1. Standard Weight
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3. Body Fat Percentage
  4. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  5. Muscle Mass
  6. Body Water
  7. Visceral Fat
  8. Bone Mass
  9. Protein
  10. Subcutaneous Fat
  11. Body Weight
  12. Heart Rate

With this innovative weight scale, DrKumo has opened a new realm of possibilities for healthcare providers and patients.

The DrKumo Weight Scale allows patients to track their body’s biometric parameters in real-time, and securely transmit the data to their care providers. By simply standing on the RPM weight scale, patients can easily collect the body parameters and transmit their data in real-time via DrKumo’s highly-secure cloud technology, allowing providers to securely view the data on their portal.

This allows care providers to make data-driven decisions and provide their patients with a higher quality of care. Furthermore, the use of cloud technology ensures that the data is safely transmitted and stored, providing an added layer of security for the patient. The result is overall patient experience and health outcomes.

Why Choose the DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale?

The DrKumo RPM weight scale is a device designed to provide healthcare professionals with real-time measurement and tracking of weight, BMI, and other key vital signs not found in standard RPM weight scales.

The DrKumo Weight Scale provides the same accuracy and precision as a traditional weighing scale, but with the added innovative features and convenience of being able to measure more body parameters, securely transmit, and track patient data continuously and in real-time from anywhere.

DrKumo’s RPM program is equipped with a highly secure cloud-based connection that allows healthcare professionals to view patient data in real-time, allowing for timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Remote patient monitoring weight scales are a valuable tool for clinicians to use to monitor their patients’ weight, BMI, and other vital signs—improving patient experience and overall health outcomes. This data can be used to effectively monitor the progress of patients with chronic diseases such congestive heart failure, diabetes, obesity, unexplained weight loss or gain, and other conditions and, ultimately, significantly improve patient health outcomes at low cost.

If you are a healthcare provider looking for innovative ways to monitor your patients’ weight and other body parameters in real-time through Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale, contact DrKumo now!

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