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DrKumo Partners with Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) to Introduce Next-Gen Remote Patient Monitoring to Tribal and Non-Tribal Veterans

DrKumo partners with Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) to kick off AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)Technology.

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 7, 2021— “We are excited to offer Native American Veterans a pilot program with DrKumo,” said Ted Tenorio, President of the Native American Veterans Association (NAVA).  “The company offers breakthrough remote patient monitoring technology to chronic health sufferers.”

Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO of DrKumo, a leader of Connected Health Technology, will announce the Next-Generation Remote Patient Monitoring Solution in partnership with Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) for tribal and non-tribal veterans.

“We encourage our Native American Veterans to enroll in a pilot program with DrKumo. The company helps solve the most painful problems in healthcare today brought about by the pandemic and the widespread chronic diseases in our nation through its innovative RPM technology,” said Ted Tenorio, president of NAVA.

DrKumo provides multi-award-winning RPM solutions that feature live health data analytics and rich visualization on its integrated cloud-based platform. This advanced technology enables collaborative and timely intervention as healthcare providers can easily monitor the presence and progression of a patient’s disease continuously in real-time.

“Our partnership with NAVA will enable veterans to send their health vitals from home to healthcare providers on a regular basis and thus maintain a healthy lifestyle,” explained Kelly Nguyen, CEO of DrKumo. “One of our goals is to bridge the digital divide in healthcare as well as to provide an advanced level of care, especially for the elderly, rural and underserved populations.”

NAVA Talking Circle with DrKumo will start on May 8, 2021. Please contact NAVA at 888-412-5997 or DrKumo@NAVAvets.org.


About DrKumo Inc.

DrKumo is a technology leader in highly scalable, continuous, real-time  Remote Patient Monitoring solutions for Chronic Disease Management, Acute Care, Post-Operation, and Hospital Care at Home. It solves the most  painful problems in healthcare with a user-friendly solution powered by its state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant, mobile-enabled, continuous real-time monitoring, and AI/ML engine. Then company’s  Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology enables patients to manage their health conditions in the comfort of their homes and supports healthcare providers with real-time intelligence for timely intervention. DrKumo revolutionizes the way people access quality health care across the world. With a culture that is innovative, collaborative, and technology driven, DrKumo provides the most effective solutions to both patients and healthcare providers.

About Native American Veterans Association (NAVA)

Founded in 2002, the Native American Veterans Association started as a mutual fraternal non-profit organization 501 (c)(3), built around the American military culture with a rich history and legacy that dates back to and around the creation of our great nation. NAVA is a Native American based organization that stretches its helping hand out to all tribal and non-tribal veterans and their families.

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