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5 Best Practices for Securing Your Healthcare Data with Cybersecurity Companies

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Protect your sensitive patient data with these 5 best practices for working with cybersecurity companies. Keep your practice safe and secure in the digital age.
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Healthcare providers (HCPs) have an obligation to protect the sensitive data of their patients. As the use of technology in healthcare increases, so does the risk of unauthorized exposure of healthcare data. Therefore, it is essential for HCPs to prioritize the security of patient data, especially when utilizing connected medical devices through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), wherein the target of cyber-attacks may also include healthcare data of patients at home. So, to ensure the safety of sensitive information, HCPs must enlist the help of trusted cybersecurity companies to protect healthcare data. By utilizing these services, HCPs can ensure that their patient data remains secure and confidential. However, there are five best practices that HCPs should follow when working with these companies to ensure their healthcare data is secure.

1. Perform Due Diligence on the Company’s Background and Experience

When performing due diligence on a healthcare cybersecurity provider, HCPs or other medical institutions should thoroughly research the company’s background and experience. They should research the company’s track record of successful implementations, customer testimonials, and any references they can provide. HCPs should also assess the company’s current and future product offerings to ensure they meet their security needs. Additionally, HCPs should personally contact any references

provided by the company to discuss their experiences with them. By taking the time to perform this type of due diligence, HCPs can ensure they are getting the best cyber security solutions available to ensure their patients’ data is secure.

2. Thorough Evaluation of the Company’s Security Services

When evaluating the cybersecurity services offered by a healthcare cybersecurity company, HCPs should assess their ability to detect and respond to potential threats. They should consider the company’s previous achievement or accomplishments and customer feedback. Furthermore, HCPs should evaluate the standards and processes used to monitor the security systems, such as government standards and regular testing and reviews, to ensure they are able to protect patient data from malicious actors. Additionally, HCPs should ask the company about their current and future cyber security solutions and framework, such as whether they follow the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, which provides guidelines for the management, protection, and use of sensitive information. By thoroughly evaluating the cyber security services provided by a healthcare cybersecurity provider, HCPs can make sure they get the best security protection available.

3. Verify the Company’s Adherence to Industry Regulations and Standards

Healthcare cybersecurity companies are focused on ensuring their adherence to industry regulations and standards. These companies provide a range of services to ensure the highest level of data security and safety, including risk assessments, detailed security audits, and comprehensive compliance reviews. 3hey may also provide security education and training for staff to ensure that all personnel are up to date on the latest security trends and technologies. By ensuring that the company is compliant with industry regulations and standards, HCPs can ensure that the company is taking all necessary steps to protect patient data.

4. Verify the Company’s Expertise and Resources to Protect Patient Data

When selecting a healthcare cybersecurity company, it is important to verify the company’s expertise and resources, including their compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This verification can include ensuring the company is certified, ensuring the company has the staff and technical resources to properly protect the system, and researching their customers’ feedback. Many companies may claim to offer healthcare cybersecurity services, but only those with the right expertise, resources, and high standards, such as maintaining HIPAA compliance, should be trusted to protect a system of health data. Doing the necessary research to verify a company’s credentials will help ensure that system security is taken seriously and that the right people are hired to protect it.

5. Ensure that the Company Offers Quality Assurance Needed to Maintain Data Security

When selecting a healthcare cybersecurity company, HCPs should ensure that the company offers adequate quality assurance (QA) methods and procedures to maintain a secure data environment. Such QA includes methods such as regular risk assessments, detailed security audits, and comprehensive compliance reviews. Additionally, healthcare cybersecurity companies should offer proactive security monitoring services to detect any potential threats to the system in a timely manner and provide a response plan to address any security incidents that may occur. By leveraging the proactive methods provided by these companies, HCPs can ensure that their patient data is protected and that their system is well-equipped to address any potential security risks.

DrKumo: An Expert in Cybersecurity

For organizations in the healthcare industry looking to ensure their patient data is safe and secure, DrKumo, being both HIPAA-compliant and adhering to NIST standards, is the perfect partner. DrKumo provides the necessary support to healthcare organizations for the maintenance and security of healthcare data through their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system that is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Cybersecurity Framework.


By following these five best practices for securing your healthcare cybersecurity company, HCPs can ensure that your patients’ information is always safe and secure, even when monitoring remotely. Through rigorous evaluation of security solutions and adherence to industry regulations and standards, verification of the company’s expertise and resources, and making sure that the company offers the adequate quality assurance to maintain information security, HCPs can ensure that their healthcare organization remains secure and compliant with all applicable regulations. Additionally, by taking the necessary steps to ensure that patient data is protected when utilizing remote patient monitoring, HCPs can ensure that their patients’ data is always secure.

If you are a healthcare provider looking for highly secure RPM, contact DrKumo today!

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