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10 Benefits of Having a Smartwatch

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Smartwatches can do many more things than you can imagine. Here are the top 10 benefits of having a smartwatch.
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Smartwatches are wristwatch-sized computers with additional functions in addition to timekeeping. Read more on the benefits of a smartwatch that is worth every cent.

1. They don’t just tell the time.

Telling time is quite self-explanatory; after all, it is a watch. But it can also be used to check the date and week, which is far more convenient. A stopwatch is also a feature on many smartwatches. This is comparable to most smartphone clocks and stopwatches. However, it is only designed to be used without a smartphone. And lastly, some smartwatches have alarms independent of the phone so that you may set the alarm on the watch rather than the phone, and the watch’s built-in speakers and vibration will wake you up.

2. A travel buddy right on your wrist.

When following directions, a smartwatch might send vibrations to your wrist to indicate whether you should turn right or left. Instead of glancing at your smartphone all the time, you can follow an invisible guide that tells you where to go. Instead of looking at a map, look up and take in the surroundings.

3. It’s even easier to locate a phone, key, or other devices.

Losing a phone or keys, as you are well aware, is a frustrating situation. It always seems to happen before a big event for which we cannot afford to be late.  Thankfully, a smartwatch can eliminate this inconvenient situation.

4. Instantly respond to messages and take calls.

You don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket if you have a smartwatch on your wrist. You may receive and respond to messages while on the move. This is especially beneficial if you’re exercising or in a situation where carrying your phone would be too uncomfortable.

Voice assistance is available on some smartwatches. You can talk to your wrist and interact with someone hundreds of kilometers away.

5.  Check your social media alerts.

Who doesn’t want to receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social media apps on their wrist? This is something I always turn off, but for some, it is a “must have” feature. Some watches merely display your messages and social media activities, while others allow you to engage with the app.

6. Even while completing tasks, you are connected.

You might wish to check your messages, calls, or notifications while running, cycling, swimming, or doing any other sort of exercise. It’s not always practical to keep your phone with you during those activities, and when you do, it may be awkward and annoying. This is when a smartwatch comes in handy. Are you submerged? It’s not a problem at all! Some smartwatches are water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. You can read your messages without leaving the pool by taking a small break while swimming.

7. It allows you to stay connected for longer than your phone.

You might wonder why you need a smartwatch when you already have a nice smartphone. Shake it off because some smartwatches have batteries that are so powerful that they simply cannot compete with a phone. Are you planning a lengthy journey? With a single full charge, the smartwatch can keep you connected for several days.

8. Your entertainment is right at your fingertips.

Assume you’re out strolling and decide to view a YouTube video that your friend keeps recommending. You’re only a few clicks away from watching YouTube on your wristwatch.

On the fly, you can watch videos and listen to music. It’ll never replace your phone’s huge screen quality, but for those fleeting moments, it’s unsurpassed in terms of convenience. The newer models of smartwatches also have the capacity to store music, which can then be played wirelessly using Bluetooth headphones.

9. Send you reminders.

Some smartwatches include setting the times your watch sends you reminders for some activities during the day. If you know you’re prone to freaking out during difficult circumstances, little reminders throughout the day to keep track of your schedule in the back of your mind will assist in mitigating your stress levels.

10. They are effective fitness trackers.

Fitness tracking is a standard function on many smartwatches. It will assist you in meeting your fitness objectives. So, if you’re thinking about getting a fitness tracker or pedometer, a good smartwatch can take its place. Smartwatches can count your steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, and sleep; some can even calculate other crucial parameters. If you have a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes, it is advised to use an RPM-powered smartwatch, which allows you to send health data to your doctor.

Do you want to use your smartwatch as a health monitoring system? Contact DrKumo for more information.

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